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Here’s How The Australian Importing Club Can Help.

Live Training

The Australian Importing Club runs live training workshops Australia wide. These events will demystify the system of importing from China.

If you’re thinking about importing from China – but don’t know where to start – these workshops are for you.

At the workshops we offer membership packages to join the Australian Importing Club.

These packages assist you to safely begin your very own importing business. We offer different levels of membership to suit different budgets and business types.

See when the next Live Training event is coming to a city near you.

Online Training

Importing from China is a difficult task if you don’t have the facts.

Most new importers make the mistake of thinking they can do it themselves. The problem is that without having the necessary experience in dealing with suppliers, quality control, freight forwarders, customs, import duty, and just about every other step in the journey – you can’t know if you’re doing it right.

The Importing Club of Australia has online training programs available to keep you up to date with the latest strategies to ensure your importing success.

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Product Sourcing

There are so many complicated methods of sourcing out there. Most of them designed to extract “extra costs” out of you.

The Importing Club of Australia can source your product direct from China for you – simple as that.

There are no hidden clauses or added costs to pay. Our quotation will be the final price – and you get all the contacts that we make for you in China.

We guarantee there will be no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

It’s a very intensive process to source a reliable and professional factory in China.

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